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ecoSHOWCASE London 2010

Emirates Stadium, London, 21st September

This event lasts just one day (though it will move to three other locations in the country later in the year), but the exhibitors and seminars have been packed in. EcoSHOWCASE is aimed at those in the building and construction industry, and offers demonstrations, seminars and discussion platforms with a focus on sustainability and ecological innovation.

The show is divided into six main halls, which are each dedicated to a separate area across the following parts of the industry: Eco, Internal, External, Structural, Building Services, Interiors and Professional Services. Exhibitors will include Daikin Air Conditioning, Renson Fabrications Ltd and Triflex UK Ltd, as well as many, many more, with representation for every imaginable area of the construction sector, ranging from bathrooms and bricks to power tools and plumbing. Seminars on the day will be held at 11am, 12pm and 1pm, and will focus on environmental legislation, low carbon and environmental management systems respectively.

New and exclusive products will be unveiled and demonstrated at the show, and there will also be several opportunities for learning and developing knowledge. In fact, there is a real emphasis not just on lecture-style education, but on inciting debate and inviting discussion, with professionals including product suppliers and industry associations, as well as from the wider construction industry, on hand to answer questions and conduct dialogues.

The London event will be held at the home of Arsenal Football Club – Emirates Stadium – which can easily be reached via bus or tube (Drayton Park being the closest station). There will also be repeats of the event in Liverpool (Liverpool Football Club, 12th October), Cardiff (Cardiff City Football Club, 9th November) and Sheffield (Sheffield United Football Club, 30th November).

To register for ecoSHOWCASE, visit or call 01425 477565.

Printing the Eco-Friendly Way

The environment is an increasingly hot topic, and one that is very close to our hearts here at Exantia. The past few years have seen enormous leaps in eco-friendly printing methods, however, so it’s no longer such an environmental pain to produce graphics that are vivid, clear and rich in detail and colour.

Take, for example, our direct to board products, which include Foamex, Correx and Dibond boards. Despite their large size (we can print up to 3m x 2m per single panel), printing direct to board now has minimal impact on the environment. Gone are the days when we had to use solvent printers in this process: now, UV printing eliminates the need for harsh solvents and thus does not give off any volatile organic compounds during printing. As an added bonus, products such as our Correx fluted display board are fully recyclable.

We have also recently invested in a brand new HP Designjet L25500 Printer. This machine produces both indoor and outdoor displays on a wide range of media including fabric and paper, and uses water-based latex inks that are odourless, non-flammable and do not contain any hazardous air pollutants. In addition, this is an extremely energy-efficient printer, and can print on a range of recycled materials. The resulting graphics are permanent up to five years, and are scratch-, smudge- and water-resistant.

Using recycled or recyclable materials, FSC-certified paper and high-quality banner stands and displays that will last (and thus not need to be replaced frequently) are also ways in which to minimize impact on the environment, and we are always keeping our eyes peeled for further ideas on how to be green. For advice or more information on eco-friendly display solutions, contact us on

Because it is There

An update on Kevin Shannon’s progress
As you may already know, we at Exantia are always up for supporting a good cause, and so we have been sponsoring Kevin Shannon’s round-the-world, zero-emissions trip, which began in March 2010. The aim of the trip is threefold: to raise awareness of climate change, promote eco-friendly travel, and raise money for Combat Stress, a charity that helps veterans recover from the psychological wounds of war.

Kevin began his trip by setting off from his home in Cheshire and cycling down to Plymouth (which already sounds daunting enough to most of us!). From there he sailed to France, where he has been cycling south-east. He is currently in Saint-Yvone, and next he will loop across to Italy, up through Austria and the Czech Republic and into Poland, before picking up an eastern trajectory once more. Some of the rules of the expedition are that he must cross every line of longitude, cross the equator at least twice, and travel through at least two antipodal points. Of course, this being a ‘zero-emissions’ journey, the most important rule is that he can travel using only human and wind power.

So far he has suffered everything from run-of-the-mill punctures to slightly more bizarre setbacks such as dogs stealing his toothbrush – but he’s got a long way to go yet. The total journey will take him across five continents and two oceans, of which he will cycle over 40,000 miles and sail approximately 10,000 miles; he won’t get back to his own bed in Cheshire for close to three more years.

Kevin has been writing a blog and updating his website with interesting insights into his gruelling journey and photos he has taken along the way. Check out to read more about Kevin’s expedition.

Creating Exhibition Graphics

In the scheme of preparing for an exhibition, designing graphics for your pop up stand or banner display may not seem like the highest priority. But it can make or break the way your stand appears to potential customers, and therefore how successful the show is for your business. Here is some food for thought on creating great graphics:

1. Your headline: Keep your headline easy to read and digest. If there are too many words, people may not pause for long enough to read them.

2. Your images: Make sure they are high-quality and easy to decipher. The last thing you want is for people to be distracted by a confusing or fuzzy image!

3. Your message: It may be in your interest to use a message that is generic enough to be used at different shows, thus cutting out the cost of having new graphics printed every time.

4. Your design: See our 14th June blog post on ‘Design tips for your tradeshow graphics’ for some more hints on design. If in doubt, it is possible to hire a graphic designer for relatively low cost, and they have the benefit of experience in this field that you or your team may not.

It has been suggested that, on average, you have about 7-9 seconds to catch and hold the attention of potential visitors to your stand, so you need to make sure these seconds count!

Also remember that, in addition to the graphics for your actual stand, you may need to think about things like brochures, press releases, exhibitor profile information for show guides, and so on. You should take a streamlined approach to this – so where possible try to use the same graphics, colours, etc. you used for your stand. This will help people to become familiar with your brand and ensure that customers instantly recognise you.

Why a Modular Exhibition Stand

Modular exhibition stands make for a fantastically versatile display solution, perfect for a huge range of events, showrooms, trade shows and other customer-focused spaces. Here are 5 reasons why they are so popular:

1. Customisation: Modular displays can be custom designed to incorporate your specific graphics and meet your individual requirements, so you are getting a stand that only includes the aspects you need. They can also be built to a variety of sizes, and multiple units can easily be set up together when needed.

2. Flexibility: One huge bonus about modular displays is that they are reconfigurable, and can be rearranged to fit any number of different display spaces and layouts. So what could be a workstation pod at one event could become a large display stand at the next!

3. Affordability: Despite being highly flexible and adaptable, modular displays are actually a very cost-effective solution. This is enhanced even further by their versatility, since you can avoid having to purchase multiple displays to fit different settings.

4. Simplicity: Not only can modular exhibition stands be set up and taken down in a matter of minutes, but their assembly does not require tools, making them hassle-free and cutting out the need to bring extra bags of equipment. They can also be packed away neatly, taking the hassle out of storage and transport.

5. Adaptability: For further customisation, modular displays can be complimented by accessories. Literature stands, poster frames, lights and so on can be incorporated into the stand to give you that something extra and make your exhibition space even more customer-friendly and eye catching.

If you’d like to have a chat about an upcoming event and get some ideas on modular displays, feel free to contact us on

World Cup Displays

There’s no ignoring the World Cup at present; even non football fans are getting into the spirit and rallying for their country. And though England are unfortunately already out, the World Cup parties and related special events and promotions are still in abundance.

As far as related signage goes, there are plenty of options. For street signage outside of premises such as pubs, A boards are a great way to let people know that there is a World Cup event going on. A boards can be loaded with any poster or signage required, and this can be changed in a matter of seconds, so they are also ideal for those that want to change the display as the tournament progresses.

If you’re not so worried about changing the message on your display, and want to go for something striking, simple to set up and highly durable, a PVC banner would tick all these boxes. These can be made to just about any size, and can be printed with the graphics you choose – so whether you have a football-related promotion on, just want to show that your company is in the spirit of things, or even if you are lucky enough to be going to South Africa yourself and want a high-quality banner to take along, this option could be the way to go.

If you really want to go all-out, you might want to consider a direct-to-board display solution. These make for extremely durable, weather-resistant signage and can be printed on panels to sizes of up to 3m x 2m – perfect for making an extra large World Cup statement!

To discuss these or any other display ideas for your World Cup event or promotion, contact the Exantia team on 020 85071612.

Olympia Beauty

Hot on the heels of Clothes Show London, Olympia Beauty will be doing its part to ensure that the nation continues to look its best into the Autumn-Winter season.

Open to trade and industry professionals only, the two-day show will be taking to the floor of the Olympia Exhibition Centre’s Grand Hall with a swathe of experts, celebrities and product launches. Over 6,500 visitors have already registered, and the consumer press are expected to turn out in droves ready to offer their take on the new products and offerings that will be unveiled at the show.

One of the central – and, to the uninitiated, slightly more exotic – features of Olympia Beauty is the apparently world-renowned ‘Nailympics’ (now in its eleventh year), which sees three divisions (Novice, Apprentice and Master) of nail technicians and students compete in various competitions to capture the attention of a panel of judges who have come from as far afield as Latvia, the USA and Japan to partake in the judging. The entrants, likewise, will be coming from all over the world and the competition’s categories include Fantasy Nail Art and Mixed Media Nail Art, so expect lots of avant-garde creations and impractical but undeniably stunning designs!

Beauty seminars specifically focusing on the care of Black and Asian skin, as well as expert advice, live demonstrations and master classes, will bring a dash of educational flavour to the event. Meanwhile, Dermalogica, OPI, Essie and CACI are just a few of the more than three hundred brands that will be represented. In addition, exclusive deals and savings will be on offer – who says beauty has to have a high price?

Tickets to Olympia Beauty are free for beauty professionals and can be registered for via

Displays in “hot salsa” action

cuban bandThe summer is over now, but the season of music festivals continues. During the last few years Exantia has produced popup, banner stands and PVC banners for a number of music bands. One specific case is that of the Latin and Salsa band Los Musicos“. These small Latin and Salsa band plays festivals, weddings and corporate events all across the UK. We have produced for them banner stands that work as “Point of sale” displays for their CD’s and merchandise.
The field of World Music in the UK is an ever growing one, and the wise use of promotional material (PVC banners, banner stands, pop up stands, etc) at concerts and performances give some bands a particular edge over the competition.

Here at Exantia we will keep the hard work to support and make “stand out” the up and coming Latin and World music acts.

Displays for the Great Outdoors

outdoor displaysWhich outdoor display you decide to go for will greatly depend on the time you expect your stand to be in use for, and of course your budget; but the most important consideration should be your objective. For instance, you might wish to draw attention to your business via the pavement outside your business to increase passing trade; in this case, an A-board can be ideal. Not only do A-boards represent an extremely economical display solution, but they are highly portable and the printed material that you choose to display can be changed quickly and easily, making them fit for a huge variety of purposes. If you expect to use your A-board outside for extended periods of time, or in particularly harsh weather conditions, heavy-duty versions with increased weather resistance and protective graphics covers are also available. A-boards also serve as a great way to advertise special offers or display directions, for example to your premises’ entrance or car park.

For outdoor exhibitions and events, or for situations where a more high-impact display stand is required, a banner stand could be a suitable alternative to an A-board. Banner stands can be single- or double-sided, and are printed with your graphics. Plus, they are designed to withstand even British weather conditions!
Wind breaks are ideal for use as dividers or for indicating boundaries outside of premises, and this makes them popular with restaurants, cafés and similar establishments. Wind dancers make for eye-catching displays, and their telescopic pole means that they can be useful for crowded areas where extra height is necessary for them to be visible.

For more information on any of our outdoor displays, or to pick our brains on the most suitable display for your business or event, email us now at, or call us on 020 8507 1612.

Going Green

environmental printingIssues of sustainability and the environment have enjoyed increasing popularity over recent years, but can seem difficult to translate to the events arena. Here we have looked at three areas that may be cause for environmental concern, and have come up with some simple ways to earn yourself back some green points.

Promotional materials: it may not always be possible to produce marketing materials whose validity remains intact after the event, but creating your collateral with future events in mind can be beneficial. For example, if it’s not necessary to include the name or specific date of the exhibition on your brochures, then don’t; this will allow you to use any leftovers at future events and minimise waste. Of course, if you really have to throw your unused promotional materials away, it makes sense to recycle them.

Display solutions: try and opt for a display or exhibition stand that has been made with the environment in mind. For example, purchase a high-quality pop up stand that will last for years, rather than posters that will wear out quickly and require frequent replacement. Many displays – such as our direct to board options – use environmentally friendly UV printing, rather than traditional methods that give off volatile organic compounds, and options such as Correx fluted display boards can be fully recycled after use.

Exhibition staff: you could cut the carbon emissions from your staff’s travel by laying on transport to events from one central location, using staff that are local to the event, or, for longer events, allowing staff to stay in local hotels overnight, thereby reducing the number of trips to and from the venue.
If you would like to find out more about how to make your stand as environmentally friendly as possible, email the Exantia team now for advice on, or call us on 020 8507 1612.

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